My Witt's End

Three Little Words

A Cut Above

Life is filled with trauma and drama. Now, since it's been about three weeks, I'm able to talk about my haircut.

It's Happenin'

Calling A Thing By Its Proper Name

Thanks For Asking

Some Who Wander Are Lost

New Book Available

"Rusty looked over his shoulder at the tall silhouette walking toward him. He sensed sarcasm in the mocking tone of her voice, and knew, even before he opened his mouth, whatever he said might sound like an insult. What he did not know was his next few words would change his life ..."

Model Citizen


  I looked up from my class assignment, eased my strangle hold on my cup of Columbian Supremo coffee, and gazed across the quiet brick plaza directly into the eyes of a rag-tag guy.

You Scream, I Scream--with good reason

Something's Happenin' Here

The Usual

Easy Come--Easy Go

The Thrill of the Falls

Photo Op

Luck is 90% preparation and 100% being in the right spot at the right time

Get Your Party Pants On

Foraging With Friends

The Thrill of the Chase

Sometimes the common things are not all that common--like sense for example. And if a bird's called common you can be sure that it's a rarity.

Getting By With Help From Our Friends

Hunting for Ghosts

Sometimes it's best to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Fishing For Truth

Little Things in Life

When you're counting birds, building a life list, size doesn't matter. 

Who Says We're Getting Older?

Labor For Elephants

The Buck Stops Here

Perfection is in the Eye of the Beholder

Morning Moonshine

Workaday Life misspent

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