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Three or four days and a bird way out of place are enough to make a person forget that it's still closer to winter than it is summer, aka, spring.

This past weekend, with it's balmy days was enough to give anyone spring fever. All of those things that had to get done inside were pushed aside to prepare the deck for the bust of sun that just had to be around the corner.

And when the Ohio Bird Alert lit up with the unbelievable message that a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was in the neighborhood, well, that cinched it; grab the scope and binocs, we're outta here.

It was only a 90-minute drive to Sheldon's Marsh State Nature Preserve and its bordering Sawmill Creek Golf Course. On the drive out Susan and I joked about the birds we've chased, most recently a Ruff at Killbuck Wildlife Management Area, that always seem to go missing 15 minutes before we get there.

Not so with this beauty. We walked down the path between the nature preserve and the golf course, spotted a group of birders, and cha-ching! Number 303 on my Ohio Life List. this bird is common in the middle part of the country so those of you in Kansas and surrounding states probably aren't too excited. Here in Ohio this appearance is thought to be only the 10th record of this bird not known to stray too far from home. And when it does pop into our area it is usually a one-day wonder.

And when I woke this morning and saw an inch of snow on the ground, my first thought was, I hope the flycatcher either caught the bus heading south last night or that he has a good supply of bugs to get him through this ...

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