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There has been a landslide of inquiries (more than two constitutes a landslide for a writer) about what happened to my blog. I admit, I've been lazy of late, channeling my creative efforts into fiction novels, etc. Consequently, and it takes very little encouragement, I plan to start blogging again, hopefully on a more regular basis. With the plethora of options you have for reading these days, I'm honored to have you take a few minutes from your day to peruse my scribblings. Feel free to tell me what you think. I have a very thin skin and will cut you out of my will if I don't like what you say.

Along some new things you'll find some of the old ones that people have enjoyed. And, for those critically attuned readers, you'll note the entire new look of the web site. Feel free to comment on that as well.

Now, I suggest you buy a flashlight and plan to stay up past your bedtime--without getting caught.


Susan Jones May 02, 2017 @03:16 am

Yes! Am so pleased you are back. Can't wait for this to continue.

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