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You Scream, I Scream--with good reason

It always helps to have a reason for celebration before you head for the local ice cream spot. I think it reduces the calories. So I have to admit tonight I was stretching a bit to find a cause. When I heard on the news that this was the 10th anniversary of the great power blackout, August 14, 2003 I knew I found my excuse. That whole dark comedy started about two miles from our house and we were, essentially, the hole in the doughnut. For some reason, even though we can see the power lines that started the whole breakdown in the eastern US and Canada, we had power the entire time. Go figure.

So this evening, in celebration of the big event, I went up to our favorite ice cream spot where the flavor of the day was lemon meringue pie--yummmmy! While I was waiting for my treat to be delivered, a dad and his seven-year-old son stepped to the window. The dad said, "Well pal, what would you like?"

The kid looked at his dad and said, "A new bike!"

"I meant ice cream," said the dad.

"Well, ya asked," said the slightly disappointed youngster.

He settled for a seriously large cone that I suspect finished more on the outside of him than on the inside.

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