Witt’s End

It's Not About Stories People Tell, It's About …

Thanks for asking. Many kind people have been asking about what happened to the blog, what are you up to, and have you gone fishing and taken this retirement thing too seriously. Well, I’m still here, playing with WordPress and its vertical learning curve. The blog is up and running and more pictures will soon be on display. I’ve re-purposed some blogs from my previous Web site–ones that I received the most hits on, or ones that I personally enjoyed reading, again.

Writing wise, my third book is still in the works. Just about the time I think it’s finished I attend another workshop and discover that it ain’t over ’til it’s over. I’m fresh back from a great workshop in Iowa City (center of the universe for writers). It was held at the Writer’s House with instructor/author Rebecca Entel (Fingerprints of Previous Owners). So, it’s back to revision on Tethered to the Future, the working title of book three. Stay tuned.

I’ll have other announcements in this space as we go. Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Susan J says:

    I’m so pleased you are back to blogging. I’ve missed it, even though you speak it most of the time. And….it’s been fun reliving some of these old but timeless essays. I wonder why we don’t call them essays…definitely not such a catchy word. Perhaps it sounds a bit too much like school.
    Well, welcome back! I am eargerly awaiting more. And more pics. Love you!


    1. Ciba says:

      Welcome back! I feel complete. ☺️


  2. Peggy says:

    Me too!


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