Witt’s End

It's Not About Stories People Tell, It's About …

I do a fair amount of astro photography as an amateur astronomer and former professional photographer. Last evening, while setting up my telescope and equipment, I glanced up at the slice of a moon and saw the International Space Station coming my way. Immediately, I realized the path of ISS would pass close to the moon (separated by thousands of miles, of course). I grabbed my camera, which was sitting on a nearby table and started shooting. I had no idea what the camera was set for since Susan and I had been out the previous day making pictures of birds. I could tell from the sound of the slow shutter that I was going to get some blurred images. When I looked at the image of the moon and the ISS I was pleasantly surprised to see that, while a bit blurry, the shaky camera unintentionally produced an image that looks a lot like the ISS. I’ve consciously tried to photograph ISS over the years and never had success. This grab-shot mistake is as good as it gets, sometimes.

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