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For the past 20 years Susan and I have been visiting a friend in Annisquam, Massachusetts. There’s a well kept lighthouse there, guiding ships along the Annisquam River to the nearby fishing town of Gloucester. I’ve taken countless photos of the spot because it just begs, challenges, one to get the perfect photo. On our most recent visit it was as if the lightbulb over my head went off and I realized shooting the structure at night was what I needed, not another daytime picture. So, on a nice clear night, Susan and I worked our way around the rocky shoreline in the dark for me to get the proper angle. Of all the variables you have to consider in photography, working with the movement of tides is not one that usually comes to mind. I found the best possible spot where I could stay dry and fired away, vowing next time I’ll check the local tide charts to get the exact angle. Stay tuned.

The lighthouse at the Annisquam River, Massachusetts, built in 1801.

One thought on “Plan Ahead

  1. Geri Lawhon says:

    This night time shot is really good.


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